Bulgarian tamboura – Mystery and Inspiration

Българската тамбура – Тайнство и Вдъхновение

This book (321 pages) is your complete guide to study the history and development of the Bulgarian tamboura. You will learn about its range of varieties and over 60 different ways of tuning. The text of all parts is richly illustrated with photographs and images.

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Included in the book more than 40 fascinating Bulgarian folk round dances (horo and rutchenitsa) in different pace and dimensions will help you master the basics of playing Bulgarian tamboura. They are written in standard notation and tablature and provide opportunities for a detailed and in-depth training in different styles and techniques of performance. The book is in A4 format, which provides easy and repeated browsing and reading of information. Audio examples of notated pieces are authentic records of the best performers of the Bulgarian tamboura in the 20th century. Among them are the names of Nicola KASIYANOV, Rumen SIRAKOV, Angel – the Czar, Osman DEMOV, Tsvetan RADKOV and many others.

The book can be used by performers with different levels of skills. For beginners, it is an excellent way to build proper technique of playing and create a repertoire of traditional Bulgarian folk round dances (horo & rutchenitsa), often played during weddings and public celebrations. Advanced performers will benefit from specific touches and ornaments used by the masters of Bulgarian tamboura, to develop and enrich their interpretations of style.

Price: 20 euro + Shipping

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