Songbook_enthe SONGBOOK is a useful supplement to THE TAMBOURA SINGS method book. The songs follow the difficulty in the order they are taught. At the beginning are tunes with half and quarter notes in 2/4 , followed by tunes with eighths notes in the most popular Bulgarian odd meters – 5/8, 7/8, 9/8, 11/8 and finally songs with bourdon.
Learn the eternal and beloved Bulgarian folk songs Chichovite Kone, Kitchitse, Bujna Loboda, Ripni Kalinke, Kitka ti Padna, Deno and more!

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The Tamboura Sings

tamburata_Pee-Cover_enThe Tamboura Sings is a fun and easy course that will teach children to play the Bulgarian tambourine faster than ever. The beautiful melodies of the popular Bulgarian folk songs such as Petruno, Pile Shareno; Sednalo e Djore Dos; Boryano, Boryanke; Mori, Riso, Riso etc., stimulate children in acquiring instrumental skills, and the clean and simple layout of the pages keeps their attention during the lessons.

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Acoustic strings for Bulgarian tambоura with 8 strings

STRINGS-Nickel_wound_webThis set is intended for professional musicians – performers of Bulgarian tambura and connoisseurs of quality acoustic sound. The strings are made of high carbon steel hexagon wire which delivers unprecedented strength and pitch stability in combination with the highest quality wrap wire made of phosphor bronze with anti-rust agent. The final result is strings with long lasting, warm, bright, well-balanced acoustic sound. The strings can be used with equal success for amplification with a Mic or Piezo Pickup. Ideal for concert’s and wedding’s playing.

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Book For Bulgarian Tamboura_EngThe book of Bulgarian tamboura contains 120 pages of data and information about the Bulgarian tamboura divided into three parts: historical and analytical, playing music manual and a reader part.

Price: 40 euro

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Strings for Bulgarian tambоura with 8 strings

STRINGS-Nickel_wound_webThe set contains strings made of high carbon steel core with nickel plated shell, which delivers long-lasting, bright tone and excellent intonation. These strings are ideal for the widest variety of Bulgarian tambura and musical styles. The specific selection of thickness, resilience and volume – selected by the famous performer & tamboura luthier Lyubomir Vladimirov – turned them into desired strings of the best performers of Bulgarian tambura in the country and abroad. Among them are the names of maestro Rumen Sirakov, Tsvetan Radkov and others.

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