Bulgarian tamboura – boulgaria is the only musical instrument in human history which bears the ethnonym of a nation. Thanks to its many dignities, It is the personification of the traditional Bulgarian music with its numerous merits and in combination with other vested signs builds up the foundation of the symbolic tetrachord determining the Bulgarian spiritual tonality.

The application of the instrument boulgaria on our lands has a history of many years. Similar to the millennial Bulgarian plane trees, boulgaria resisted time and outlived any social, political and religious doctrines. During all these years the instrument was called by various names – as its “parents” were also called – Thracians, Getae, Scythians, Moesians and so on but they remained Bulgarians up to date. Bulgarian tamboura is the basic on which talented singers, kaval players, bagpipers and gadulka players have created melodies. It set up the time and kept the rhythm, the harmony and the tonality of the song or instrumental melody performed.

Information and facts preserved through the centuries build-up the conviction, that the Bulgarian tambourabulgaria was an inseparable part both of the weekday and holiday experiences and of the spiritual and religious rituals of the Bulgarian people. The musical instrument performed a social, religious and spiritual function in the hands of the Bulgarian people. We can definitely claim that the musical instrument Bulgaria is the ritual and ceremonial instrument of the Bulgarians. Its preservation and development were of primary significance for the survival of our society.