The Tamboura Sings

tamburata_Pee-Cover_enThe Tamboura Sings is a fun and easy course that will teach children to play the Bulgarian tambourine faster than ever. The beautiful melodies of the popular Bulgarian folk songs such as Petruno, Pile Shareno; Sednalo e Djore Dos; Boryano, Boryanke; Mori, Riso, Riso etc., stimulate children in acquiring instrumental skills, and the clean and simple layout of the pages keeps their attention during the lessons.

Price: 15 euro
The method is equally suitable for young children and beginners of all ages.

The guide can be used with the help of a tamboura teacher or a parent.

All examples and pieces of musical scores in the book are written in standard notation and tablature.

Only PDF Include: Book-PDF & Digital Audio examples