Krassi JeliazkovIn one chilly December night on 21/12/1958 in the city Varna the capital of the Black sea of Bulgaria was born Krassi Jeliazkov. With his first cry and discontent, he came to this world bold, temperamental and soon almost three years old he was a treat to the rest of the kids on the block…This thirst for life and the endless self validation saved him in the years of his tough youth of blind passion for love and personal disappointments.

Broad up in the family of military father and stay home mom with strict and prude principals he is in constant conflict searching for love, freedom and spiritual grow. For a long time his energy stays without a path aiming towards nothing but troubles and family feuds till one day he discover the world of music. After his high school as a auto mechanic he pursue his diploma in the Academy of Music in Sofia. His childhood background continue to follow him through out the years and challenge his ambition towards spiritual knowledge and freedom.
Krassi & Evgeny

The enormous love for music is often disrupted with a daily life obstacles and challenges. Often he is compel to walk on the side of a two edges. In his list of experience as a lieder of numerous bands and a music composer are some as a manger of a shop Funky Town and Club Funky Pub, night guard, working in a rental company to mention few. The never ending conflict between creativity and music and make both ends meet becomes his trademark.
Krassi Jeliazkov

Till today his life continue as a parallel of artist a manager, music producer, performer, guitar teacher and an author of many music books regarding Bulgarian folklore and traditional music to mention a few.