Балкански Коне2
Goro Le Goro (by Krassi Jeliazkov):

Magic Of East (by Marko Ramljak):

Astral Voyage (by Krassi Jeliazkov):

Dream (by Krassi Jeliazkov):

Prayer Song (by Niki Ivanov):

Revival (by Krassi Jeliazkov):

In 2009 KRASSI JELIAZKOV & NIKOLAI IVANOV united themselves around the idea of “Balkan horses”. At the beginning Indian percussionist RAMESH SHOTHAM and Croatian violinist MARKO RAMLJAK became their followers, however the poor economic situation forced them to continue their work only with Bulgarian musicians.

Balkan Horses 2

In this way ethnic group “The Balkan Horses”, founded nine years ago as a kind of “Dream Team” of Balkan musicians continued its development composite of Bulgarian virtuosos, representing various musical genres – leading names in the musical life of the country:

VLADIMIR VELICHKOV played with world famous musicians like: Nick Mason, Matt Koopar, Nedy John Cross, Maikal Meisan. Works with: Ivo Papazov – Ibrayama, Stoyan Yankoulov, Georgi Yanev, Kanarite orchestra, “Bulgare” ensemble. Composed film music for Hollywood production with producer Mike Mason /known for his music for the film “Water World” starring Kevin Costner/. He masters instrumental technique to perfection and improvises easily in different styles – jazz, fusion and ethno.
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NIKOLAI IVANOV – multi-instrumentalist and esoteric musician, founder of the popular ethno band “OM”, touring across the world in France, Germany Hungary ,Spain, Norway, Croatia ,Poland, Austria, Turkey, India, Nepal, China. Composed music for 25 films, 2 ballet and many theater productions. In the years of creative development is established as one of the most innovative and creative musicians of Bulgaria.
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RADOSLAV SLAVCHEV – one of the most talented musicians of the last decade. Works with Valya Balkanska, Ivo Papazov – Ibrayama, Cecilia Long (USA), Stoyan Royanov – Я_Ya and more. Participate in all jazz festivals in Bulgaria. Currently Radoslav is a leading bass guitarists of Bulgaria.
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EMIL PEHLIVANOV – long time working as a touring drummer in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria. Played with living in Germany talented saxophonist Vladko Karparov and virtuoso violinist Tony Syarov. Participate in groups Michael Iossifov sextet; BNR Big Band; Vasil Petrov; Peter Salchev and others.
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NEVENA PETROVA – young performer but with enviable creative story. Her short life time it goes through the school of world famous Bulgarian choirs The Mystery of Bulgarian Voices and Cosmic Voices. Participated in dozens of international projects including Les Grandes Voix Bulgares by Patrick Muller; Sekond face project; MaProject and others, which gave concerts and tours in Bulgaria, Spain, Sardinia, China, France, the USA, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, India and others.
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The style of the group could not be placed in strictly defined framework. It is a mix of Asian and Balkan rhythms, melodies from the Far East, as well as a symbiosis of folk and jazz – a modern music that draws inspiration from the roots of folklore. The “Balkan Horses 2” has regained “vital vibrations” in music and life and resisted the “hysterical state of spirit” which seized our present existence.
Balkan Horses 2
In the summer of 2011 The “Balkan Horses 2” presented its exciting music at festivals and clubs in Belgium, Germany, Hungary and Bulgaria. Among them are the famous festival “Brosella Folk & Jazz” in Brussels, GÖDÖR Club – Budapest (Hungary), etc. In Minden, Germany they were playing on the same stage with the unforgettable “Blood, Sweat and Tears”. In Bulgaria they have been one of the highlights of Bansko Jazz Festival and the International Varna Summer Music Festival, where with a chamber string orchestra they presented the Balkan Horses – Ethno Philharmonic Project.


NEVENA PETROVA – vocal, percussions
STOYAN ROYANOV Я_Ya – clarinet & zurna
KRASSI JELIAZKOV – BG fretless & 8 str. tamboura, ac. guitar, vocal
KALIN JECHEV – keyboard, vocal
TMPC VARNA String orchestra

Special guest:

Balkan Horses