1980/1983 – Montuno Jazz Trio

Montuno Jazz Trio
Dimitar Kovachev /the FUNK/ – bass guitar, Krassi Jeliazkov – guitar, Biser Totev – drums

1984 – Swing Dixie Band Gabrovo

Суинг Дикси Бенд ГабровоPictured are: Manol Tsokov – conductor, piano, Iliya Raev – trumpet, Petko Privodanov – drums, Krassi Jeliazkov – banjo, guitar, Nedko Kolarov – double bass, Ilko Iliev – clarinet, Iliya Aleksandrov – trombone

In the record of the LP part: Manol Tsokov – conductor, piano; Rena Dimova – vocal, Iliya Raev – trumpet, Ilko Iliev – clarinet, Iliya Aleksandrov – trombone, Krassi Jeliazkov – banjo, guitar; Stoyan Malinov – violin, guitar; Kamen Savov – bass guitar, Anri Levi – drums.
Muskat Ramble (by Kid Ory) – LIVE from Grand Paris Du Jazz – Paris 1986:

Bourbon Street Parade (by Paul Barbarin) – LIVE from Grand Paris Du Jazz – Paris 1986:

“This album released back in 1985/86 was seen as a “highlight” at least for our careers of musicians. I do not know if it was the highest peak in the career of late MANOL TZOKOV (who migrated to a better world), most probably not… But surely it was the sweetest, because it was the first one!
We recorded it in the studio 1 of the Bulgarian National Radio for incredible … eighteen hours studio time?! …One may laugh or cry, but the conditions were as such at that time. Nevertheless it is filled with emotions and ambitions of incredibly talented musicians with whom I had the privilege to be a part of this orchestra for a couple of seasons…
Manol was our mentor at one time or another and I am sure that with his talent he touched our souls at another higher level … for myself I’m sure that after the Swing Dixie Band Gabrovo I was listening to music in a different way …”
Kamen Savov – bass guitar

1984 – Montuno Jazz Trio

Montuno Jazz TrioNevyan Zdravkov – drums, Krassi Jeliazkov – guitar, Tsvetan Tsvetanov – bass guitar

1985/1987 – Montuno Jazz Quartet

Montuno Jazz QuartetHristomir Valkov – Mimo – alto saxophone, Krassi Jeliazkov – guitar, Nevyan Zdravkov – drums, Tsvetan Tsvetanov – bass guitar

1986 – Dixieland Varna

Dixieland-VarnaNikolai Martsenko – trombone, Krassi Jeliazkov – banjo & guitar, Tsvetan Tsvetanov – bass guitar, Nevyan Zdravkov – drums, Dimitar Andreev– conductor, clarinet, alto saxophone, Ventseslav Mihailov – piano, Ivo Taushanov – trumpet

1985/1987 – Montuno Jazz Quintet

Montuno Jazz Quintet and Ivelina BalchevaHristomir Valkov – Mimo – alto saxophone, Nevyan Zdravkov – drums, Ivelina Balcheva – vocal, Krassi Jeliazkov – guitar, Tsvetan Tsvetanov – bass guitar

1988/1989 – ParaMont Jazz Quintet

ParaMont Jazz QuintetKrassi Jeliazkov – guitar, Eugeni Yotov – tenor saxophone, Daniel Djumaliyski – drums, Plamen Mirchev-Mirona – keyboard, Tsvetan Tsvetanov – bass guitar.
In audio example instead Tsvetan Tsvetanov, bass playing Stefan Bonev

Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (by Charles Mingus):

1997 – Deja Vu Jazz

Deja-VuVentzi Blagoev – trumpet, Eugeni Yotov – tenor saxophone, Angel Zaberski Jr. – keyboard, Vasil Vutev – drums, Krassi Jeliazkov – guitar, Dimitar Shanov – bass guitar

1997 – “The rice Bend”

Orizovia BandKrassi Jeliazkov – guitar, banjo, vocal, Anri Levi – drums, Krasimir Toskov – keyboard, Stoyan Malinov – violin, guitar, vocal

2008 – ValCiYa Project

ValCiYaValya Balkanska (BG) – traditional vocal, Cecilia Lond (USA) – jazz cocal, Stoyan Royanov Я_Ya (BG) – voice, clarinet, zurna, Petar Yanev (BG) – Bulgarian bagpipe, Krassi Jeliazkov (BG) – ac. guitar, Bulgarian tamboura, Plamen Mirchev (BG) – keyboard, programing, Radoslav Slavchev (BG) – bass guitar, Rosen Vatev (BG) – drums

Tudoro Lio (by Krassi Jeliazkov):

Stormy Monday (by T-Bone Walker):

Blue Skies (by Irving Berlin):

Goro Le Goro Zelena (by Krassi Jeliazkov):