Strings for Bulgarian tambоura with 8 strings – for students

STRINGS-Nickel_wound_webThis set is intended for students. These strings are manufactured with the most advanced technologies and high quality materials. Silver shell and specific core permit equally good usage for classical and folk instruments. They are characterized by a feeling of comfort and warm, mellow acoustic sound. The specific selection of thickness, resilience and volume provide easy pressure without creating additional tension in your hands. Ideal for everyday use and long hours of practice.

Price: 5 euro + Optional supply

The specific selection of material, thickness and elasticity provide maximum durability and sound balance.

They have the following characteristics:

E -1&2 .010 inch/0.26 mm
B -3&4 .014 inch/0.36 mm
G -5&6 .022 inch/0.56 mm
D -7&8 .030 inch/0.76 mm

Price: 5 euro + Optional supply

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When ordering 5 pieces delivery is free. (This offer applies only to the territory of Bulgaria).