Acoustic strings for Bulgarian tambоura with 8 strings

STRINGS-Nickel_wound_webThis set is intended for professional musicians – performers of Bulgarian tambura and connoisseurs of quality acoustic sound. The strings are made of high carbon steel hexagon wire which delivers unprecedented strength and pitch stability in combination with the highest quality wrap wire made of phosphor bronze with anti-rust agent. The final result is strings with long lasting, warm, bright, well-balanced acoustic sound. The strings can be used with equal success for amplification with a Mic or Piezo Pickup. Ideal for concert’s and wedding’s playing.

Price: 8 euro + Optional supply

The specific selection of material, thickness and elasticity provide maximum durability and sound balance.

They have the following characteristics:

E -1&2 .010 inch/0.26 mm
B -3&4 .014 inch/0.36 mm
G -5&6 .022 inch/0.56 mm
D -7&8 .030 inch/0.76 mm

Price: 8 euro + Optional supply

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When ordering 5 pieces delivery is free. (This offer applies only to the territory of Bulgaria).